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Jury 2014 of the Concours d’Elegance

Jacques Braneyre

2014 Jury’s President

ANTIC AUTO CLUB CATALAN President – Regional Delegate of the Languedoc Roussillon – Technical Commissioner of the FFVE and FIVA – International Judge – Organisation of 50 vintage car rallys – 15 Elegance Contests – Founder of the Canet Museum in Roussillon – Judge and President of the Jury at numerous Elegance contests – 30 Retro Show Rooms in Perpignan and collaboration with Show Rooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alcaniz. My passion for cars has always been my main goal in life and I have dedicated all my time and energy to it.

Claude Delagneau

Mayor of the Seine and Marne Commune for 31 years, he started to express an interest in vintage cars in 1977. Mr. Delagneau started the “Routières de Jadis’ and created the 24 minutes of Blunay, owner of a Hotchkiss, naturally integrates the eponymous club to then become its President from 1982 to 2002. Then, in 1984 Mr. Delagneau is elected Administrator of the Vintage Cars French Federation (FFVE) of which he still is to this day. Elected Treasurer, then General Delegate, he will preside during 20 years (1994 – 2014) and has also presented France at the International Ancient Card Federation (FIVA) of which he was vice-president from 1996 – 2008.

Henri Chemin

Working with FORD in the 60’s, launch of various spectacular media promotions: creation of the Ford Gitane Cyclist Team with the stars of the moment – Jacques Anquetil and Jean Stablinsky… Participation of Ford vehicles in movies: the Ford Mustang in ‘Un homme et une femme’, ‘Gendarme à St Tropez’ with de Funès, ‘La Curée’ with Jane Fonda…
World record of the 300 000 kms in Miramas with the Ford Taunus. Creation of the Ford France Team among which numerous racing drivers were driving Ford Mustangs, Cobra, GT40… In the 70’s when The France Chrysler Team was created – Simca Matra et of the Simca Racing Team with millions of members.

Gery Mestre

Fondateur avec Monsieur Michel FERRY de l’enseigne « Vintage Motors » à Monaco en 1982, grand passionné et collectionneur, il a toujours milité pour la cause automobile en Principauté.
Ses qualités et son approche du monde de la collection lui ont valu d’être nommé au prestigieux poste de Président de la commission Historique au sein de l’Automobile Club de Monaco en 2013.
Monsieur Géry Mestre désigne sa fonction simplement en disant : « c’est passionnant ! »

Yvan Remond

Yvan REMOND, né le 01 Août 1971 à Nice Brevet Technicien Automobile BTS M.A.V.A (Maintenance après vente automobile) Formation expert automobile Expérience gestion concession automobile et véhicule industriel Collectionneur 2 participations au Paris-Dakar

Dr. Adreani Michel

FIA : Representative of the manufacturers at the Commission – Homologation and Technical, Member of the Sports Committee of the manufacturers, Member of the Technical Working Groups, Coordinator for the Japanese manufacturers, Technical Delegate, Technical team F.1
MONACO AUTOMOBILE CLUB: President of the Technical Commission Member of the Administrative Council,
FORMULA 1 TEAMS: Minardi Sports Director, F1 Technical Councellor for the Prost Grand Prix

Giovanna Maragliano-Caranza

Degree in Political Science . Passionate about public life, Councillor Saint John , she was previously Vice-President of the Assembly of the General Council of Turin.